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Services for Children
Services for Children

Routine- Based Interventions for addressing the needs of every child, individually

Services for Children

Learn Effective and Practical methods of application of therapy with your child, even in-home setting

Services for Children

Co-located with a hospital - address mental and physical health needs of child and parent


Psychology for Children and Adolescents

  • Psychological Evaluation and Assessment
  • Techniques like Play Therapy, CBT, DBT, Others
  • Conduct and Behaviour Issues
  • Emotional Issues arising due to Anxiety, Bullying, Self Esteem, Body Image, Eating Disorders, other factors
  • Addiction Management
    • Technology
    • Substance
speech-and language

Speech and Language Therapy for Children

Work on a child’s Language and Communication skills through Individual Sessions or Demonstration Model:

  • Speech and Developmental Delays
  • Articulation Management
  • Fluency Management
  • Voice Management

Occupational Therapy For Sensory-Motor Issues

  • Sensory Integration in all therapy models
  • Work on child’s Gross and Fine Motor Skills
  • Training for children in:
    • Handwriting
    • Visual Perception
    • Toilet training
  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Parent Training
  • Feeding/ Eating issues

Special Education for Children With Spl. Needs

  • Learning and Academic issues
  • Individualised Education Plan (IEP) for every child
  • Pre-Writing Concept
  • Writing skills
  • Brain Boosting Activities
  • Behaviour Management (LRE)



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