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Why make a Donation?

We don't live in a perfect world, and there's never going to be a perfect time to give—but there are always people out there in need of help. Whether interest rates are rising, the economy is in the doldrums, or even if you're experiencing financial difficulties of your own, the reality is that when you donate your money, you help others who need it.

PS: All donations are Partially Exempt from Income Tax under section 80C of the Indian I.T. act

But Why Should You Donate to VIMHANS?

Felt personally affected by a mental health issue? Distressed? Helpless? Fragile? Be there for somebody in their hour of need, just as somebody was (hopefully) there for you.

We seek the support of businesses to effectively pay the costs of our services. By donating to VIMHANS, you are supporting to run, provide, sustain and increase the reach of quality mental health care.

India has a massive treatment gap in any health care service, and mental health is the most neglected (80%). 1 in every 7 persons in India suffers from a mental illness and suicide is an emerging high risk concern amongst youth.

According to a recent study concluded by National Mental Health Survey of India (NHMS), we have 0.75 Psychiatrists for every 1,00,000 persons (in 2017, India’s population comprised of approx 197.3 million persons living with a mental illness). Less than 1 psychiatrist on an average, is lower than the global average of 0.1 for low middle income countries. Apart from psychiatrists, we have huge demand and supply margins with every category of Mental Health Professional (MHP) like Psychologists, Psychiatric Nurses, Social Workers and Counsellors.

Organisations like VIMHANS aim to augment the existing system, spread awareness of Mental Health far and wide. We continue to be a family run institution, our entire cause is dedicated towards taking Dr. Vidyasagar Dewan’s legacy and vision forward. You can read more about us here. With the advent of the internet, we would like our resources to cater to not only Delhi, but tier 2, tier 3 cities as well. We need to work together to unburden the existing system, and make mental health a priority - at par with physical health. VIMHANS also provides free services in mental healthcare to anybody with a BPL ration card/ referral from a govt. hospital - all treatment is free.

Services in mental healthcare are all about people, not surgeries, not procedures, and unfortunately not even guarantees. Help us create this small space in a big way, and for the larger good.

Support us in your personal capacity, or to fulfil your corporate social responsibility which as accepted, is now an integral part of any modern business.

What We Can Do With Your Contribution

A donation is a gift for charity, humanitarian aid, or to benefit a cause. A donation may take various forms, including money, alms, services, or goods such as clothing, toys, food, or vehicles. At VIMHANS, a donation may satisfy medical needs such as medication, treatment cost, or procedures in the case of a mental illness. It could also be directed towards the therapy journey of a child with special needs and his/ her family.

Current Projects At Vimhans

The Simplest Way of Helping Us

  • You may choose to help us with any amounts you like, and specify what you would like them to be used for (Current Projects at VIMHANS). Would be great if you can keep in touch with us on the same through help@vimhans.com
  • You may organise a collection drive in your office / school / society wherein people may donate funds.
  • You may connect with us as a long term volunteer, and feel the joy of sharing! All services in mental health are centered around the client, and it literally takes a village to be able to manage this. The human touch has the utmost impact on someone’s recovery journey. Consider volunteering in a capacity that best utilises your interests, time, and intention. We will be beholden to you.
  • Buy our products! In the effort to empower, equip, and make self reliant, we introduce various vocational activities to our clients. Products are made with their help and ideas, and sold at VIMHANS OPD. They are a tangible result of their recovery process, and we try our best to maintain quality + utility. To encourage their efforts, and boost confidence, your purchases, even a drop in the ocean would go a long way...
  • Donate raw material for these products! Our range is wide, from home decor to crafts, art, stationery, games for children, and freshly prepared FOOD items. We are always in need of support. You could share any raw material items you like, we welcome everything :)
  • Come and interact with the children we are supporting. You can either play some games with them or read out their favorite story from our huge collection of toys/ resource material/ books or just spend some peaceful time talking to them. Small Gifts You Can Donate :-
    • Interactive/ Educational Books
    • Crayons, Colour Books, Pencils, Sketch Books
    • Toys, Childrens Storybooks (new or old but in good condition)

Please write to help@vimhans.com for any other information.

Okay Okay, How Do I Help Then?

Getting there... hey, you also get a Tax Deduction! If you give to an Income Tax approved charity like VIMHANS, you can write off donations on your tax return. Donating money simply makes you feel better, which is something we can all benefit from. Help Others in Need!

Financial assistance details

For Online Transfers: NEFT Details
  • Benificiary's Name: VIMHANS
  • Name of Bank (to which payments should be sent): Bank Of Baroda
  • Branch Name: Vimhans Hospital
  • Address of Branch: Vimhans, Nehru Nagar, New Delhi-110065
  • STD Code and Telephone No. of Branch: 011-29845931
  • Bank account number: 29080400010584
  • Account type(SB/CA/CC): C/A
  • Branch IFSC code: BARB0VIMHAN
  • Phone no: +91 9999691507 / 08
  • PLEASE share your pan card details at vimhans.acc@gmail.com with us once the amount has been transferred, for ease of accounting for you and for us
OR Donate through Cheque
  • Cheques can be made in favour of "VIMHANS"
  • Please send the same at VIMHANS- Vidyasagar Institute of Mental Health,
  • Neuro & Allied Sciences Institutional Area, Nehru Nagar,
  • New Delhi-110065
  • Phone: +91 9999691507 / 08
  • PLEASE share your pan card details at vimhans.acc@gmail.com or along with the cheque, for ease of accounting for you and for us

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