Vidyasagar Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Allied Sciences, Nehru Nagar, New Delhi

VIMHANS (Vidyasagar Institute of Mental Health and Neuro & Allied Sciences) is a multi-speciality institute providing comprehensive care in the fields of Mental Illnesses, and Physical Rehabilitation, Neuro Sciences, along with Academics, Research and Training.

We maintain a holistic approach in our treatment of mental health and rehab. Since the last 30 years, VIMHANS has tenaciously served individuals and families in India as well as neighbouring countries.

Our core services include

Specialized Mental Health Services (OPD Consultation and IPD Admissions)

Multidimensional Rehabilitation Services (Children and Adults)

Liason Services including Community Outreach

Our diverse medical and paramedical professional teams have joined hands in the delivery of our services. They represent:

  • Psychiatry
  • Psychology, Counselling, and Creative Therapy
  • Mental Health Nursing
  • Physical and Mental Health Rehab
  • Dietitics and Nutrition

The Beginning

A concerted effort by close family members and well wishers of Dr. Vidya Sagar led to formation of a society bearing the names of Dr. Vidya Sagar and Smt. Kaushalya Devi in August 1981. It was started with a sum of Rs. 40,000/- left by Dr. Vidya Sagar in his will for this purpose. VIMHANS initiated its services in the fields of psychiatry and drug deaddiction with 20 beds. The foundation stone for the hospital was laid in 1987 by Shri Giani Zail Singh, then President of India.

Since then the path has been long and tedious but also crowned with several achievements and accomplishments. From the original field of mental health, it has grown into a multispecialty, institute with 5 core disciplines. VIMHANS continues to be a family-run institute and now has close to 100 beds with an active day care rehabilitation centre.

Inspiration and History

VIMHANS is a living legacy named after Dr. Vidya Sagar, M.D [M.R.C. Psych.] 1910-1978, also known as the Father of Indian Psychiatry.

Acing his work in the field of mental health, Dr. Vidya Sagar Dewan was the first psychiatrist in India who propagated de-institutionalisation of patients diagnosed with mental illnesses. He was Superintendent of the Amritsar Mental Hospital and then Professor of Psychiatry at Rohtak Medical College until has demise.

During the period when psychiatric services were in relative infancy Dr. Vidya Sagar would spend up to 18 hours a day in service of patients and their family members.

Often due to overflowing wards in the hospital, many a patient was accommodated at his residence. This was achieved with the support of his dedicated wife Mrs. Kaushalya Devi who also relieved him of all domestic responsibilities.

Dr. Vidya Sagar was elected as President of Indian Psychiatry Association and spent a lifetime serving his chosen profession and patients.

The foundation and principles laid by him are to date the basis of mental health and rehab services at VIMHANS.

The team at VIMHANS strives to take its services far and wide and apply its successful practice of holistic well being to the population with selfless service, compassion, and commitment. The organisation also supports community outreach centres in Rohtak (Haryana) and Said-ul Ajaib (Delhi) to deliver affordable yet quality health consultations.

A Tribute

You have here in Dr. Vidya Sagar a sea of nectar of human kindness and also a sea of wisdom

Dr. Hoch (Consultant), W.H.O. (On a visit to Mental Hospital)

From The Desk Of The Chairman Emeritus

Padma Shri J.N Chaudhry

Every good organization grows with public awareness. For good reasons ,different strata of community look for material which gives them basic information about what the organization is, what it stand for, its achievements and prospectively what it is moving forward to.

Vidyasagar Institute of Mental Health, Neuro & Allied Sciences is firmly on ground with three objectives:

  • Services to the community with compassion
  • Qualitative services with best Medical infrastructure
  • As far as possible ,aim at comprehensiveness for services under one roof.

Vimhans is reaching to the public with an informative website. It covers the ground achieved so far and futuristic aims ,in the days to come. We sincerely hope it serves the purpose we have kept in mind.


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