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The VIMHANS services available on the Website do not in any way constitute an invitation or recommendation to avail the tele-consultation Services. The services provided through the Website are not intended in any ways to be a substitute for face to face consultation with a doctor. VIMHANS advices the users to make independent assessment in respect of its accuracy or usefulness and suitability prior to making any decision in reliance hereof. Terms ‘you’ and ‘your’ hereafter refers to the user both registered and unregistered who is using/browsing through the VIMHANS website (www.vimhans.com) and/or partner websites and/or availing any of the services from VIMHANS.

When you use these telemedicine consultation services, you will enter into a provider-patient relationship and be treated by a licensed provider. The providers, in exercising their professional judgment, reserve the right to deny care for any reason, including instances where provision of care would be medically or ethically inappropriate.

Services in Mental Health at VIMHANS are provided by trained, qualified, licensed professionals. However, MH conditions are complex, persons differ widely in their responses. Progress shown by an individual is subject to severity of challenge, frequency of interactions, and adherence to treatment option. VIMHANS suggests this outline as a good starting point to discuss a potential treatment journey with your healthcare practitioner.

In case of an emergency, it is advisable for the client/ caregiver to seek consultation, and visit VIMHANS, instead of availing the online services. Contact your consultant or counsellor. You may choose to visit the nearest healthcare facility offering relevant services


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