Vidyasagar Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Allied Sciences, Nehru Nagar, New Delhi

In-Patient Services at VIMHANS

Since 1994, VIMHANS has been dedicatedly running a licensed in-patient facility, the ONLY of its kind in North India. The institution’s services lay heavy emphasis on taking a holistic approach for every person with mental illness admitted with us – and hopefully lay the foundation for his/her recovery journey.

We address this ‘holistic’ approach by delivering services on the Bio-Psycho-Socio model.

While in-patient facilities around the world are designed keeping in mind pharmacological and biological inputs, we strive to customise every individual’s stay at VIMHANS.

  • Proximity with your doctor and team
  • Interaction with all Mental Health Professionals/ your multidisciplinary team at VIMHANS to address every aspect of your mental health
  • Participation in the Daily Activity Schedule conducted by Nursing Professionals, Occupational Therapists, Arts Based Therapists, and Volunteers. The various types of activities are:
    • Mindfulness approaches
    • Yoga
    • Arts based Therapy
    • Activities for Cognitive Function, Brain Boosting exercises
    • Pre-Vocational/ Skill Building Hour
    • Grooming and Hygiene at the in-house Salon
    • Live Cookoffs including steaming, baking, grilling and even air-frying
    • Recreation or Physical Exercise
    • Spend time with pets in the campus – even adopt them when you are about to go home
  • Cregiver Clinic to address and alleviate a caregiver or family member’s stress and burnout
  • Gym – indoor and outdoor
  • Access to our eBook and physical libraries

All accommodation at VIMHANS has been designed with:




Washing Machine

Multi Level Storage, Air Conditioning, Flat Screen TV, Washing Machine, Induction and friendly utensils, Charging Points, WiFi (access to a few of these is subject to the treating psychiatrist’s consent, or type of accommodation).

Hence, the in-patient area* is an absolutely dynamic part of our services. It is a space where representation from all areas of mental health care is put into practice.

Feedbacks from IPD experiences of Caregivers and Clients


*At the time of admission (kindly refer to Chapter XII of the MHC Act, 2017 to learn more about this process), clients can choose accommodation (share space in the general ward or take a private room) of their preference. However, the final outcome may depend on various factors such as current status and condition of the client/ consultant doctor’s advice on the matter/ costs involved/ availability of the space.

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